ABC-club app - cracking secret codes

A learning game based upon the popular ABC-club school book series for lower and intermediary schools. The kids will help the main characters, Asta, Bea and Cesar, crack a secret code, by collecting letters.

We developed the iPad app for Natur & Kultur.
Christmas game for Danish TV

Augmented reality based game where the mobile phone is used to detect hidden goblins.

We developed the mobile app for as part of a Christmas TV series.
Common cold management game for kids

The aim of the game is to manage a common cold the best way possible, from the point when you get infected until recovery. Learning objective is to avoid medicine during a normal cold.

We provided the storyline based on scripts form medical expertise, game interaction and graphics together with This Is Detta, for the Public Health Agency of Sweden.
Crime fiction novels with interactive story telling

A script by the Norwegian author Kurt Aust turned into an interactive game, where the reader takes part in the story.

We delivered the game engine and made the graphics together with This Is Detta, for Aschehoug.
Donald Duck mobile game

Shoot Donald Duck from a cannon and use a booster rocket to make him bounce as many times as possible.

We developed this for Egmont, as a limited edition game, distributed only once with the magazine.
Fishing boat simulator

Get to know the daily struggles of fishermen by being a captain of a simulated fishing boat.

We developed the simulation UI, and the adapter to the fictive steering hardware, for Nordsoen Oceanarium in Hirtshals.
Gulljakten (Treasurehunt)

Mobile and online math game for kids

Info board in a sustainability theme house

A sustainability theme house that acts as a prototype for a future sustainability theme park.

We developed the application, and designed the content for an in-house information board and a web site for Exploria.
Interactive metrics system training

Tools for interactive training of the metrics system in grammar schools.

We provided UI, backend integration and modules for easy online course editing.
Interactive timeline games

Game engine for handling interactive "sorting" games

We provide game-logic, UI and back-end integration
Math learning game

Multi-platform educational game, where the player has to solve math problems. Includes student scoring and tracking for teachers.

We provided backend system for student tracking, admin dashboard, and over 20 unique games and training tools.
Mobile and web vocable learning

E-learning for upper secondary schools. on-line as well as off-line support for both mobile and web interfaces.

We developed the backend logic, synchronization, and UI for Aschehoug Forlag.
Online self-publishing for kids

Lower and intermediary school kids can become their own publishers, by filling in blanks to create e.g. poems, that are then formatted for printing from a template, such as a a post card.

We developed the UI and back-end for Aschehoug Forlag.
Ord i fokus, vocabulary trainer

Vocabulary trainer that improve and broaden kids vocabulary in an easy and challenging way.

We developed the game for different mobile platforms for Folkuniversitetets Förlag
Quest, interactive english training

Range of training tools and games for learning English

We have provided a range of tools and games, both for students and teachers
Quiz and profiling game

Quiz game for determine what kind of profile you are when you are surfing the net.

We provided the UI, user interaction and game-play logic.

Reading speed trainer

Application that is scientifically proven to improve reading speed by training of eye movements. Aimed at kids with reading difficulties.

We developed the reading application, editing tool and a server back-end for Aschehoug Forlag.
The Arctic Ring, home for polar bears

The Arctic Ring gives polar bears 3,100 m2 of space. This is combined with games and information for visitors. Try to catch food, compare your free-diving skills or learn about the daily life in a cold and harsh environment.

We developed the game engine, graphics, touch interface controller and central control for the theme exhibition av Zoo in Copenhagen.
Word-buster word training

Online and mobile word trainer

We did the engine with support for sync for offline use.
X-Worms board game

A Digital strategy board game

We provided game-play, graphics and user experience.

iPad app for Pino

Pino for iPad is a new friend for the youngest children, based on the well-know swedish TV serie and children books

We did iPad game development for Pino
iPad app for habilitation preparations

Undra is a iPad learning tool for visitors that let them play with the physical tools in a virtual world, before visiting any of the habilitation centres aimed at helping kids with mental retardation, mobility impairments, or multiple disabilities to adapt to the world.

We did iPad game development for Stockholm County Council