Moji games
Dot.Eater puzzle game

Logic puzzle game where the objective is to clean-up the game-board by matching colors of adjacent pieces.

Kitchen Wiring Mission puzzle game

A puzzle game where the objective is to wire up a set of kitchen appliances so that the all get connected to the mains. You have shorter time and more items to connect for each level.

Moji Bingo math learning

A multilevel bingo game aimed at teaching math to kids

Moji Birdnest quiz-machine

A quiz-machine for pre-school kids built upon a Raspberry platform, with voice synthesis module, and RFID based detection of toy bricks with answers.

A group of kids at a nursery school acted as our “project managers” concerning design, choice of materials etc, and we did the technical parts of the implementation - according to their requirement spec.
Moji Djungle Tap Book

Explore the djungle! A tapbook for younger kids, with sound, pictures and animations from the djungle.

In production
Moji Ladybugs

Multilevel mathgame for very young kids

In production
Moji Money game

Play a bank with the objective to lend out as much money as possible, by bombing consumers, companies and the state with money. Collect interest, do re-lending from the central bank, handle bad loans, bailouts and bonds etc. We did this mainly for kids, but many adults in the test group liked it too. We will market the game through partners.

In production
Moji clockworks school project

Moji clockworks is an experimental Arduino controlled "real world" mechanical variant of Moji Time, that can be remote controlled from a pad. It started as a “small student” project aimed at teaching kids both the clock and mechanics while having fun.

We are working on a bigger and more production friendly version that will be market though partners.
Nordic language shop

Nordic language shop is an interactive learning game for kids that want to learn more about the differences and similarities of the Nordic languages.

We developed the concepts, storyboard and graphics, project founded by Nordplus

Plumbing mission game

A puzzle game where the objective is to plumb a bathroom so that all appliances get connected to a water supply. You have shorter time and more items to connect for each level.


Rock-paper-scissors puzzle game

A puzzle game that spins on the old rock-paper-scissors or “roshambo” game. The objective is to clean the game board by matching rocks, papers and scissors.

Social fish tank simulator

A 3D aquarium simulator where each user adopts a fish by using the mobile phone. The adopted fish can swim, collect valuables, and interact socially - which is visualized by "bubbles".

We did this as part of the multimedia Showcase exhibition in the Science Tower in Kista, and it was on public display for several years.

Treasure hunt

Interactive orienteering quiz for kids where each participants has an NFC based magic token, questions and answers have to be found in a house or outside area, and once even a boat.

We have developed the backend, NFC base agents, mobile UI, remote controlled lockers and a key dispenser and are providing it at certain events together with partners.